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Had to drop aline when I read your user name. As a child my family spent alot of time based in Chapel Rd at my Grandma's in the last century. Just looked at a current map and there seems way more houses since we visited.
Anyways, bonne nuit from Scarborough.........denis
Rebuilding our transit ex minibus. Half way through I’m no carpenter but I’m having ago myself. Thanks
did you sell that fresh water tank? Long shot i know
Hya sorry for l8 reply . Yes sold . I have the waste if you require cheers
what size is it please
The best way is to contact a person called Silena by WhatsApp at JP. I have her number in my phone (and on my website), if you need my help to get her to contact you then just send me your WhatsApp number by private message and I will pass it on. Otherwise it’s in the link below.
Welcome, all the details are on my website look for the “diesel combi hot water heater” in the right hand column it will give you more information than I can write here.
Mo's phone number: 07845037999. He doesn't answer after 8pm or before 8am. Tell him I'm the person who collected the seats at Reading services on Sunday.