Why bother with Decals!


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Jun 3, 2019
My son is nearing completion of his van and I have just finished mine. So were both at decal time. I would like mine to get the classification of campervan/motorhome where my son doesn't care if he gets the van with windows classification much popularised by the DVLA. He wants a stealth van, and pretty much we will both end up with van with windows why bother with decals at all? anyone in the group sent a change of classification to the DVLA without any decals?


May 8, 2018
If it were me I'd make it look the way I wanted first and foremost. The DVLA won't give out a motor caravan v5 no matter what you put on it now.


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May 16, 2016
Irnham, South Lincolnshire
Never really understood the 'Stealth' concept. Not sure what the advantage is. 35 years of wild camping and never any problems.
Some conversions are getting reclassified as Motorcaravans and I think decals will help with this, particularly if they include a name of some sort.
And they come off quite easily if you don't actually like them after you have tried the DVLA.
Insurance companies sometimes want to see photos of the finished item when insuring as a Motorcaravan even if the V5 says van with windows