Where can you legally sleep in a campervan?


Apr 5, 2020
Is this a complex issue? Is it all just dependent on the landowners discretion at each particular spot? What about public areas and rights of way? What about national parks? Also what about common land ?


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May 16, 2016
Irnham, South Lincolnshire
On private land it is up to the owner

Many Pubs are happy for customers to stay overnight. Some can be found in Britstops or on the many Apps that show friendly pubs. But I have, when asked 'Do you want another drink' said that ' That depends if you mind me still being parked in your carpark in the morning' The answer has been 'That's OK what do you want to order'

Sleeping on the Highway. By which I mean in Laybys and streets where parking is allowed and for instance where HGV's will park many will claim is illegal
( It has been suggested that it is legal for HGV's because they have Tacho's and are legally required to stop to rest and suggest that that makes it illegal if you don't have a Tacho. However what they fail to mention is that the Highway Code requires ALL drivers to stop to rest and not drive whilst tired)
However they will not be able to quote a specific law because there isn't one.

There are TRO's (Traffic Regulation Orders) which are made by some Local Councils which prohibit Overnight sleeping both on the Highway and in their Carparks, which will be signposted.

National Parks will have signs with their regulations

This may be of interest

We have been Wild/Free Camping for the last 35+ years and have never been approached by the Police whether it be in the Countryside or Central London. But never PARK illegally or CAMP by which I mean sit outside the vehicle with table and chairs and suchlike.

Relax and enjoy