VW Caddy SWB Micro-camper Build


Feb 6, 2022
I still haven't had time to look at the leak, and with a (tent) camping trip planed this weekend I doubt I will get time until next weekend, but I ended up insulating the roof because my orange beacon light started rattling and I was worried it would fall off so I had to take the ceiling panel off anyway, there didn't seem to be a point in doing it twice
so I tightened the beacon bolt with thread lock so it can't come loose again, and sound deadened/insulated the roof, and after leaving the van in the sun all day and it was still cool inside I now realize all this work has made a huge difference to more than just the amount of road noise :)

I left a hole in the insulation where the beacon is attached just in case I decide to swap it for a small vent of some sort, because I didn't want to have to get insulation off again

...but now the roof is all done and put back together my LED ceiling lights don't work anymore, so I guess I didn't save my self the job of removing the ceiling panel twice LOL, this is where I pay the price for my haphazard wiring :confused:


  • roof sound deadening.JPG
    roof sound deadening.JPG
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  • roof insulation 2.JPG
    roof insulation 2.JPG
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  • roof insulation 1.JPG
    roof insulation 1.JPG
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  • loose beacon bolt.JPG
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