Van now stripped out, Needing advice


Oct 26, 2019
Toft Hill Co Durham
Hi all I am new to this so would appreciate any advice ,I have now got everything that's coming out of the Ex NHS Mini Bus out and completely stripped of the exterior stickers. And I have made & installed 2 very strong single bed frames ready for adding the lats and then cladding. I have also installed the 2 leisure batteries in the centre back to be boxed in when I clad the beds with motorhome 15mm ply with full access when I open back doors to the batteries and under-bed storage. However I am really not confident in make the overhead lockers does anybody know of anyone who could make the lockers for me at a reasonable cost ,within travelling distance Co Durham area ? I have my own 15mm lightweight motorhome ply-board. 6 8x4 sheets which are very slight seconds less than half the price of new perfect ones but still costly ,so really don't want to mess them up. I just don't feel confident making them . I require 1 x 6ft run, 1x 12ft run ,and a nice shelf between them over the top of back doors . Its going to take longer than I thought but hopefully will be ready for my planned trip around Spain in February. Found a really good pair of swivel seats and had them fully re-upholstered in a nice two tone grey for £500 all in,including seat frames so going to be comfortable driving at least.


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May 17, 2017
If you be got a good local joiner or cabinet maker, ask for a quote. Or bite the bullet and have a go yourself!
I think if you can find a local guy, it’ll be the best way to go. There are companies advertising pre built cupboards, the ones I saw were Mdf and were heavy and crap.
Good luck!