try again


Aug 4, 2018
well had van about two weeks got all my jobs done so on saturday good clean inside trying to work out how things work ready for the peak district monday started put my stuff in and getting in the mood doing this at my daughters plenty of room to get round the in fact a massive space all around the van so how come i clip the drivers door mirrow with step ladders bugger anyway new glass fitted to day fiver off the bay so hopefully off tomorrow


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May 12, 2016
East Devon
We’ve all done something similar.
Either in a hurry or just being in the moment and not really taking any care.

I had replaced 2 pains of glass in our green house, done the job.... taken lots of care really careful snapped the clips in all good.
Just packing up my tools and walking back to the shed I trip over the wheelbarrow which was full of broken glass knocking a rake into the other side of the greenhouse.!
Yeah you guessed it I smashed one pain on the other side........... I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Good luck with your trip.


What are you talking about,? I'm really sorry but this thread all seems to me a bit dis jointed. Phil