Toyota Hiace LWB Base Vehicle


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Aug 4, 2019
Hi All,
I'm changing my mind regarding the Sprinter (see intro) as modern diesels are now far too complex and expensive to fix/maintain and also the dreaded rust.
So petrol is now the flavour of the month, probably with an LPG conversion.
The imported petrol Hiace can be had in good condition, low mileage, for reasonable money although hi-top, lwb versions are thin on the ground. There is little mention of them on this forum, is that for good reason? Has anyone converted a Hiace?
Regarding LPG conversions, can the LPG tank for the engine also supply the gas hob, etc. to save having a tank and a bottle?
I would appreciate your thoughts (even if you think I'm bonkers!)
Thanks in anticipation,


Dec 13, 2017
MOdern petrols are the same , ecu , lots of sensors , solenoid valves etc . Hi ace like all Japanese vans are generally narrower than Eurovans .


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May 17, 2017
Remember that if you’re considering using a used Japanese import, there is absolutely no rust prevention from new.
As mentioned above, from an electronic point of view, the petrols are really no simpler than the diesels.
Having said all this, they’re a well made van, albeit a bit restrictive size wise.
If you can find one, a Toyota/Isuzu ‘Route’ van are a fine strong van built on the two ton truck chassis. There are also a few 4wd ones around.


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May 29, 2016
LPG engine conversions use liquid gas and cooking appliances use gas vapour
One has supply pipe from bottom of the tank and the other from the top.
You could but would have to have a second small bottle with a separator/float,im about to try this and ph gaslow to find yes but require as above to work.
Maybe better to keep sep from main tank though.