Tall person looking for tall van!!


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May 26, 2019
Hi- new to the forum. Looking to buy a base vehicle (L3 H3 size and up to 3 yrs old ideally), but me being 6ft 4ins tall and not wanting a bruised bonce every 5 mins, there doesn’t seem to be many that tall inside so I can walk around in. The transit T350 is apparently 6ft 6 inside but after fitting out I reckon it’ll lose 3-4 inches at least. Does anyone know of any freakishly tall vans inside?? Thanks.


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May 17, 2017
Hi, I too am 6'4'' and am converting a high roof sprinter. Not everyone's first choice of van, but wanted the headroom and the length (I managed to find an XLWB). Us tall folk loose out with van conversions, we're too tall to sleep cross wise and as you say our heads get bruised. I wouldn't now have a van I couldn't stand up straight in.
I think your choices will be Transit, Sprinter and Iveco Daily.
Good luck with your van hunt! Stevie


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Nov 7, 2017
North Wales
The H3 variants of the Sevel vans (Ducato / Boxer / Relay) are over 2172mm / 7'1.5" internally, but are less common. (The common H2 is 6'4").

Even with good insulation, I don't think you should lose more than 50mm off the height (40mm on the floor: 25mm insulation / 12mm ply / 3mm floor covering; and 10mm or so off the roof - ply strips on the roof ribs, ceiling board fixed under them (10mm total?); insulation between the roof ribs, so no loss of height).

The "H" and "L" designations aren't really transferable between different types of van.