Storage unit dimensions - how wide?


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Dec 14, 2020
I hope I've posted this on the correct page - apologies if I haven't (Newby)

I've just installed a 3/4 rock and roll bed in a Ford Transit Mk 7 Tourneo (8 seater minibus) as the first stage in converting it to a "van with windows". Apparently the DoT won't accept our proposed Pop Top.

The plan is to build storage units and work top along the whole of the opposite side (i.e.back door to passenger seat). This will block off one of the 2 sliding doors (and 2 rear windows).

Nearly all the kits I've seen have a full-height section and worktop of about the same length (approx 1100 mm.) I'd like to make the full-height section go from the back to the rear sliding-door pillar - because it gives more storage space and I can use the pillar to fix against. So my dimensions are about 1240 for the full height and 990 for the worktop.

We don't intend to have a hob or a sink so worktop area is not an issue.

My question is - are kits mostly made for panel vans (i.e. no windows behind them) and are there any problems in fixing to the door pillar?

Having installed the bed I can now see how much depth I've got for the storage units (about 600 mm). I want to leave some space between the bed and units to stow a table top. I've got about 500 mm available. The commercial kits don't appear to be this deep. Apart from overloading issues are there any other reasons for restricting the depth?

My apologies if I seem to be answering my own questions - I'm looking for some reassurance that I haven't overlooked anything before I start cutting lumps out of sheets of ply (well doing the drawings anyway.)

Thanks - in advance. Any help will be really appreciated.

Cheers Spike


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Dec 14, 2020
Can you not just build to the size you want?
I think I can & hope I can) - but I'm wondering why the majority of the kits I've seen don't appear to utilise all the avalilable space. I looked at purchasing a kit first - perhaps I just didn't see all the options.


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May 17, 2017
The kits I’ve seen for VW Transporters assume a panel van with a ply lining (mostly!).
A lot depends of the finish you’re after. In my smaller vans I’ve always used stretch carpet to cover the bulk of the fitted furniture. This gives two benefits, a warm feel to the touch and perhaps more importantly, covers easily. So, if you go down the route of making your own units (or modifying bought in units) you can get a neat professional looking finish easily.
I build the shape with lightweight batons and then cover with thin ply, the neatly fitted stretch carpet covers joins beautifully! The other big advantage to building your own units is you get what you need and want.
A last thought, many of the kits are MDF, avoid if possible! It’s heavy and attracts moisture.
The photo shows some areas where I’ve used stretch carpet in my present build.