Spraying a Van?


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Oct 19, 2017
It's likely We'll end up with a white van, a Sevel L3H2 around 2015. I'd like to spray it.

I can spray well with cans, but have a HVLP gun here (Wagner w690) that I'd like to use. I've never sprayed a whole vehicle.

What I could do with is a few pointers. I'll then purchase a small amount of paint and test on my existing van (that will be scrapped).

So this is what I'd like to know:

1. Which paint would be best?

2. Would putting more (thinned) coats on likely achieve a better finish?

3. Which clearcoat is best?

4. What about around the sills?

5. Plastics. I'd like to colour code all the plastics. My thinking is to spray these white first, in order to achieve a good colour match when coloured. But I'm not sure of the right procedure to get a finish that will last?

Any suggestions welcome :)