Silent Electric Diesel Heater Pump (now available)


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Sep 28, 2020
Maybe of use to some. There is now an electric diesel heater pump that’s totally silent, available in the U.K. I would guess being electric with few moving parts it may last longer, who knows?

Price is about £100 (not cheap) maybe worth it if you rely on getting a good nights sleep and your pump is loud or your heater is placed were the clicking is loud. It’s my guess it will be copied in China soon.

Pay attention: There is a modified version as the early version had an issue on “some” (not all) heaters were it simply wouldn’t pump from new (some heater voltage issue). This has been rectified but check with the supplier if you intend to buy one.

If anyone can add links to buying sources or locations that would be great.

The inventor

The pump demo
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