Seitz and midges



Bet you thought I was going to ask about the fly screen, No, I decided yesterday to give the outside and inside of my maxi and midi rooflights a good clean and polish as they were both beginning to look a bit grubby to look through. The Maxi was fine came up like new very pleased with myself, I then cleaned the midi and as I was doing so I was rubbing exceptionally hard at three or four black spots on the inside, after a while I thought I'd just get my thumb nail at them, it was then that I noticed that they were infact midges that were lying dead on the bottom plastic ( Inside the double glazing). I searched all over the window to see how in the hell did they get in there, no little bunges as on the sliding window and my other side windows are also void of the little bungs that used to be on all double glazed Seitz.

There was nowhere that I could find that even a microscopic item could enter, but there they were inside the double glaze.
Anyone got a credible explanation for them being there. Other than that the plastic now gleams with the glint of the sun again:) Phil


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Sep 8, 2017
Anyone got a credible explanation for them being there

They are quantum midges which exist as both a particle and a wave at the same time which enables them to pass through clear plastic on a sunny day.

You get a lot of them in Scotland - it also allows them to be in many places at once which explains why you get bitten to buggery by the little bleeders.