Seat covers for Ducato/boxer/relay


Jul 24, 2021
Hi all - got a 2017 relay with a bench seat that I want to change for a single passenger on swivel. As prices are crazy right now and availability low for a replacement seat, I’m considering buying one in not so good condition and putting covers on both seats. (Budget prob won’t stretch to custom upholstery). Has anyone had success with covers that fit well and don’t look like covers?



New Member
May 17, 2020
How did you get on with your search for covers. In the past because of single seat issues and my horror at seat covers I've fitted seats from an Renault espace. (They already have swivels). This time I have bought a 2017 boxer and coughed the money for a single seat. It's coming from Holland as it's a left hand drivers seat.