Roof insulation.

Shiny Paul

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Nov 1, 2017
Thaxted, Essex.
Hi all,
I know the old question of roof insulation has been covered a million times on here over the years, but with technology moving on I wondered what the latest advice would be regarding insulating the roof of my Sprinter, I have roof vents and batons up there still after removing a previous bodged up effort.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Regards Paul.


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Sep 8, 2017
Hi @Shiny Paul - I am not aware of any major advances in insulation technology... insulation is all a best endeavour thing anyway - you could have the best insulated roof in the world, but heat will still pass out through the vents...

FWIW though, I spent a few days over Christmas in my van - the roof (and sides) is insulated with self-adhesive sound-deadening polyurethane and a layer of dacron. I had a convection heater going inside keeping the place lovely and warm, and frost formed on the outside so the insulation must have been doing something (c:


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Dec 13, 2017
Near J10 M40
If you have the room , Kingspan is gvfm if flat area , a closed cell foam (sticky is ok for non flat areas ) This is also usefull cut to suit to pop into roof vents :) if needed . PCV are a nightmare for insulation as there are so many thermal bridges.