Quooker Combi Kettle Tap on Inverter?!


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Jan 11, 2020
Hi, I know it’s unconventional, but I’ve got this posh Swedish Kettle Tap and really want to use it in my campervan. I’ve read enough to realise that you need to really over spec inverters and batteries to do something silly like heat water off grid from electric, but I do like a challenge. I build batteries from scratch for my mini Ebike business, so I’m confident I can build a decent LifePo4 battery pack, but I’m trying to work out the smallest inverter I can get as I’m putting it all in a SWB transporter.

The most detailed info I can find on this topic is from an eBay seller offering LF pure sinewave inverters and he states that you need up to 15x that rated continuous power, which is 2200w. Quooker day that it takes 20 mins to boil and it runs for 10s every 20mins. I got this info when asking about the instantaneous power, but they missed the point unfortunately. So I’m trying to figure out how to calculate it with very little luck so far.

1.2200W Quooker Boiling Water Kettle Tap need to use the 15000w lf then can run,as the instantanous power of Water Kettle will arrive more than 15-20times of its orginal power

2.15000w need to use battery 15000w/24v/0.8 approx 800amp 24v,thanks”

I presume that 800amp refers to the cranking amps, but not sure about the 0.8 part.

Here’s the suggested inverter

I’d love to understand this better and also see what the minimum would be to run this thing.


Florry The Lorry
Jan 12, 2020

Not entirely sure that eBay ad is accurate? it says 60,000W which is 60 kilowatts, at 24volts for the supply it would be 2,500 amps (watts divided by volts = amps) I don't think any battery could supply that kind of power... a regular house supply would struggle (a kettle usually has a 13amp fuse). Even 15000W is over 600 amps!

assuming you want something which can run the kettle tap then you need to use something which can supply more than the peak usage - 2200W - so a 3,000W inverter should do fine, but it will draw 125amps, which is quite a bit from batteries, the running should be ok, but every 20 minutes it's going to pull over 100amps from the battery for 10 seconds, that kind of discharge from a leisure battery will drain it very rapidly, and I don't think it would do the batteries much good!