New arrival in the middle of van build!


Jul 24, 2021
Hi all - Hope this is the right place to post this, couldn't see a better alternative. I'm not new to this lifestyle, as my wife and I used to own a campervan a few years ago which we used on several trips around the UK. But last year like many others I've started converting my own campervan with a plan to use it for a combination of day trips (I live by Gower with easy access across welsh coast) and trips further afield, including into Europe. We both also work for ourselves so have more freedom than most and can also work from the van. However several weeks ago we got the surprise news we are expecting and I'm wondering realistically how that affects van life, and if there are any arrangements I should be making now. I know this is a vague question, but I really don't know what to expect. Only a few of my friends know so far, and some have joked that the van dream is over before it began while others think it can be even more rewarding but in other ways. Practically in terms of seating and sleeping layout i have a way of making it all work thankfully, but i'm wondering more about van life in general; are there things people can encourage me with to look forward to? I'm over the moon with the news, but as I toil away converting the van I do wonder if my effort is best used elsewhere!

Thanks so much


Dec 3, 2020
Have a look on Youtube for "The Newbys". They are a young couple who took a new baby on the road, and to be honest, they just seemed to take in in their stride.
Concern for the unknown is natural, but like everything else, you learn and adapt.