Minibus Reclassification


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Jun 14, 2019
I bought a Transit minibus that was adapted for disabled use and converted it myself, I thought I had covered all the bases when it came to getting it re-classified as a motor caravan by the DVLA,
6 ft bed, fixed water, fixed gas, table and opening windows in the rear.
However just got a letter from the DVLA telling me I need to tax the vehicle as it is no longer a disabled minibus. So I gave them a call and that I needed to tax the vehicle but when I did, they would not re classify the vehicle as it still looks like a minibus.
My question is has anybody else run into this issue? Or did I just get someone on a bad day in the DVLA.
What can I do to make it look less like a minibus?
I am hoping someone has had this before and gotten a solution because I really want to get the classification changed.

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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May 17, 2017
Hi Neil. I'm sure others will add to this. It ain't a minibus no more!
I'm assuming you sent all the photos etc of the conversion when you applied? I'm also assuming that there's nothing on the exterior of the van saying 'minibus'?
It sounds silly, but maybe a couple of vinyl 'camper' stickers and some side stripes might do the trick.
I think you're correct in thinking you got someone on a bad day.... I might be tempted to ask the dvla if it's a minibus because now it has a bed, cooker, water etc and not seats...
Let us know how you get on and good luck!