Mercedes paint codes help required!


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Nov 11, 2021
Just went to flash over a small patch, got out the can I’d ordered from the chassis plate. Thought I’d gone nuts it’s way out, I think I’ve made a basic schoolboy error reading the plate.
Can anyone here tell me what colour my van is from this plate (redacted for security reasons but I think the info is there still!)
Much appreciated, I’ve googled this so many times I’m colourblind.


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Feb 6, 2022
I can't answer your question because matching colors is hard and complicated, so I've never tried to do it myself. There's a little automotive accessory shop on my route to work, they have a paint mixer and model catalogues for all common manufacturers, if I ever have to do any paint I just drive the car/van to the shop and ask the very helpful chap to work it out for me, and (like on my brothers car) if the paint is not original he will just use a color scanner to match it, I've never had any problems so far

plenty of places have paint mixing kit, maybe you could try going somewhere to ask?