Lpg cooker


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May 16, 2016
Irnham, South Lincolnshire
From what I can see in the photos it is NOT suitable.
You need a Caravan/Motorhome cooker which will have fixed down trivets and burners. Loose ones will arrive in the cab at great speed in the case of an unplanned sudden stop (aka Crash) and will do you great damage
This is what we have https://magnummotorhomes.co.uk/shop/kitchen-appliances/ovens-cookers/spinflo-triplex/

Or the bigger ones. (this is dual fuel for when on EHU but you can find gas only ones)




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Sep 16, 2019
Got mine out of a caravan as I like to have an oven and grill so I can spoil myself at 73 I don’t want to be ruffing it I leave that to the younger van lifers.

Keith Alexander

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Sep 6, 2018
North Shropshire
Main thing to consider with a domestic cooker is securing it so that it can not become a 25-30KG UFO passing through you and your passengers bodies in the event of a head on collision.

Rarely do they have adequate fixing methods so factor in drilling through the base and sides to bolt it in securely which if buying new will almost certainly invalidate and warranty.

In addition I personally use steel tethers as well for heavy items in my van similar to these:



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Dec 11, 2020
Like the idea of the cable Tether as for the trivets and burners there is a steel lid on the cooker, and fixing it in should not prove to difficult as I can weld something together, it's just my wife wants a full cooker like we had in caravan and I can't see much of a difference between the one I linked to or a second hand caravan cooker, a second hand spinflow will set me back around £250 and a new Thetford full cooker around £550 if not more and I can't really see how they can justify that amount of money

But thanks for your input anyways folks