Just brought a Mercedes Vario 613D Campervan


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Nov 14, 2021
Condition average. The previous owner has completely striped and cut out all the rust with tons of welding but then didn't paint it very well so now some rust is showing through

After collection from Belfast I realised that I had overpaid by a few grand as the body was not as good as I thought it was, but after travelling so far to get it I had to commit. The interior is also not done to very high standard and I thought from the images that it was better which is also why I paid so much for the thing.

Anyway, the good is that it has a 24Volt system with a Victron 100/50 MTTP charge controller for 800 watt of Hyundai solar panels. 2 X AGM 100AMP leisure batteries wired for 24 Volt, 2 X 100AMP starter batteries. Diesel blown air central heating, Shower that works only from Solar panels? It has a Renogy DC to DC battery charger with a 3000watt invertor. The bus has WIFI with a dual sim WIFI router and a built it Projector and Amazon Echo Dot for well I am not sure

Dometic Fridge/Freezer which I might sell as I have a portable fridge/freezer Alpocol one anyway.

Doesn't have a hook-up
Doesn't have a grey water tank, so a little confused as to how the sink and shower work, but will investigate

59000 KMS which is 37000 miles so incredibly low milage. Used to be a school bus and was driven 6 miles a day (2002)

The bus seems to take a bit to start, normally two attempts so I need to look in to this

I will upload some images soon but as you might expect I have a ton of general questions. Most around MOT and Bodywork.

The is only one seat (driver), up front because of the steps in to the bus (converted panel van to minibus and then to camper), but I would like to install two more seats but obviously this needs to be done properly and be MOT safe with seat belts etc. Any comments on this part of the conversion would be great. Not sure what is required to make a seat legal

I also need to know what oil it takes and what the tyre pressures would be. 215/75 R16s