Iveco 65C18 Box Truck Conversion

Pat & Ola

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Feb 5, 2021
I've had a thing for Iveco Dailys since I was a teenager. Lots of happy memories of using these vehicles when I used to work on campsites in France.

Anyway, I picked up a 2008 Iveco Daily 65C18 box truck last year. It's an ex Snap On van, so is pretty high spec as it stands. 240/12v systems in place, Eberspacher heater, tail lift etc... Being a box truck it has lovely flat walls and roof, no weird angles to contend with so I'm sure the conversion will go swimmingly .

I live fulltime on a boat, but I am pulling that out of the water for a refit in April and I will live in this truck for however long the refit takes. Soooo, that gives me until the end of March to get this truck habitable. I will be moving some things such as the diesel water heating system from the boat to the truck, as I upgrade the systems on the boat. The plan is to use as many interchangeable parts as possible between the two things.

The outline spec for the truck conversion is as follows;

25mm Celotex insulation for the walls and ceiling.
9mm ply for the walls. Roof and floor tbc.
Fixed double above a garage at the rear.
Fixed single bunk above the double.
Pullman dinette-style seating area for 4, which will become another bed. Seats will be belted.
Decent galley.
Shower and toilet.
Hot & cold running water.
Diesel appliances for cooking and heating, no gas.
Plenty of windows (stealth is of less importance than having a pleasant living space).
Conversion of tail lift to motorbike rack.
Addition of a third, folding passenger seat (from a Transit Custom) in the cab.

I will do my best to capture the stages of the conversion and post if anyone's interested. I have started an album on this forum which I will try to keep up-to-date.



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Sep 28, 2020
Looks a really nice base vehicle Pat. It has so many nice built-in features that I would probably want to keep onboard if it was mine. Don’t forget the golden rule of this forum, No Pictures, means, It Didn’t Happen. Keep us posted and thanks for sharing.

Pat & Ola

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Feb 5, 2021
That's a nice wagon, Roadrunner. I agree with your comment on the electrics - I am already on first name terms with the multiple fuseboards in my van...

Pat & Ola

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Feb 5, 2021
Progress update;

- Thetford C4 with manual flush picked up on Facebook marketplace. Hard to describe a used toilet as "mint", but it's the cleanest I could find.
- Windows ordered from Currently on a 5 week lead time due to covid, which upsets my schedule a little, but nothing that can't be worked around.
- Celotex and ply have arrived.
- Electrical issues with van have been resolved (it's nice to know your vehicle will actually run once you've gone to the effort of converting it!).

Lots of prep and planning, basically. Physical work to follow. I'm happy with this approach.

Pat & Ola

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Feb 5, 2021
Progress update;

- Old inner roof and 5mm polystyrene "insulation" stripped out.
- Installed 10 meters of SuperFoil SF19+ 45mm. I am very impressed with this stuff.
- I was going to stick T&G boards straight to the existing "rafters", but there was more flex than I was happy with so I decided to stabilise the structure with 5.5mm ply sheets.
- Ply duly bought, cut, sealed and fitted. The whole structure is much more solid now.
- Electrical connections for lighting run to various areas of the roof.

Kit purchased
- Jabsco ParMax 29 pump bought (interchangeable with boat system).
- 2L accumulator.
- 280L potable water tank.
- PVC T&G ceiling boards. I was intending to buy vinyl roof panels from Morland, but they won't deliver and I can't get to them during their opening times so I ordered the T&G from the instead.
- JP Heaters diesel hob and 2KW heater combo. Very expensive for a hob, but it means I can ditch the gas and won't have to rely on my poxy, finicky, hated Eberspacher for heating. Shout out to Egg Fried Rice for mentioning this hob.

Plan for the next week or two
- Run out the conduit, cabling and outlets for the 240v and 12v systems.
- Markup window locations.
- Batten and fit the Celotex 25mm wall insulation.
- Do test samples of various shades of Fiddes Hardwax Oil and decide what I want to put on the walls.
- Prep and seal the 9mm ply boards for the walls.

Enough to keep me out of trouble!