Electric vans & the future of conversion


Jul 24, 2021
Hi all - thought I might post a bit of an open discussion on something that's been on my mind recently. With all new diesel/petrol vehicles to be phased out by 2030, and the climate emergency in general, I'm wondering how people think this affects van conversion in the future. I've been enjoying converting my first van (only a few weeks in) but it does seem we're so far off being able to easily convert electric vans, and not just due to cost implications but having to effectively work with mains rather than 12v. I've always loved older vans and fancied restoring some older vehicles down the road, but how irresponsible might this be perhaps, at least in the eyes of the general public? I'm also pouring a lot of cash into my current conversion but do wonder how long will people want a diesel van? No right or wrong answers, but just curious to hear other folks' thoughts.


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May 16, 2016
Irnham, South Lincolnshire
It is said that second hand vehicle prices are increasing due to shortage of new ones. But is it possible that it is partly due to a resistance to buying electric/hybrid .
Little is said about the fact that only 6.5% of UK mechanics are licenced to work on them or the problems towing electric cars and the dangers when the Lithium batteries can self ignite if the casing is ruptured in an accident.
More specifically for us motorhomers is the weight implications. My understanding is that a commercial electric van up to 4250Kg can be driven on a car licence. However, it seems that the same is not true for a private vehicle. or at least that's my understanding. If this it correct then it leaves us with only the short range versions to sensibly convert to a weight of 3500KG