Brake Disks ?


May 21, 2019
I have a Peugeot boxer 2019 20 130 blue. I enter my reg on all of the sites but get 3-4 different spec pads and Disks. range from 12Q + 14Q ,16Q Light, MOD 335 HEAVY . 300mm dia and 22mm thick to 280mm and 32mm thick. Surely there is a easier way tan taking the old ones off and getting the callipers out and measuring.


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Sep 16, 2019
If it’s a 2019 surly it doesn’t need the disc’s replacing already. Best bet would be ask at a peugeot garage anyway.


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Nov 7, 2016
The online places go via the reg to get the model, but there are many variants hence the different options. Fiat has the Eper system that garages use to lookup the actual options from the VIN (you can find some versions online).
The 12Q, 14Q stuff is generally the weight capacity code of the vehicle, "Heavy" is the Maxi/commercial version which normally has upgraded brakes and suspension.
Unless you can find a Peugeot Eper equivalent or vin decode online, your only sure way is to ring a garage or take a wheel off and measure it.

Try googling for "Peugeot parts vin lookup" and then find websites where you enter your vin, like

you might get lucky and be able to find out the original part #

good luck
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