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Jun 27, 2021
West Yorkshire
I don't know if its a proper place for it , but ...
As you notice (or not) I start youtube channel about van conversion. Based on what I'm doing right now with my van I want to publish how to videos to share experience i did gain
Till this moment my life was completly "social media" free no facebook , twitter etc. at all :) So its a bit hard .
On this stage every comment on channel is valuable for improving videos , every single subscriber and like its important
So if you can and want ,Subscribe channel and comment under videos

of course my build topic will be active anyway
Biker Boy


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Sep 28, 2020
Some food for thought. I had a similar situation and have a private website, I say private because I cannot be contacted (no email) and I get diddly squat (it makes a loss as it costs me money to host it) . I speak for myself when I say you may need to be careful that you are not using this forum to promote your YouTube viewing figures, in the same way I could have used this forum to increase clicks on my site (not that it means anything). Maybe not everyone will think this but some may.

YouTube is full of campervan builders doing what others have already done so my advice (for what it’s worth) is to only publish a video link here to something different, something new or something that a forum member has recently asked about, this way you wont be seen to be using the forum to feed you site clicks. Why do I say this? Well, I noticed a previous forum member that often left a link to his YouTube Channel on the forum, but unless I am mistaken he never contributed to the forum other than to post his YouTube links. This gave me the impression that this forum was a “click vehicle“ (to use my own term) to benefit his YouTube viewing figures.

Hope this feedback helps, like I say it’s only my opinion and others may disagree. I wish you well with your build.
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