Bad Obsession

Pudsey Bear

Jan 25, 2019
Bad obsession is a YouTube video of two blokes building a race 4x4 in an original mini body using Toyota parts and well worth a watch if you are into things mechanical, anyhow they have just bought a library bus to provide race transport and have somewhere to stay, if it is anything like as well built as the Mini, it will be a good watch.

Here is part one of the conversion, there is some bad language not terrible but there.

Here is a link to part one of the Mini conversion to 4x4

I hope you enjoy both, they produce content more than worthy of any TV channel, with added lightness and humour.
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Oct 19, 2017
Watched this last night (love their channel, been watching the Binky build from the start).

Can't wait to see the next one :cool:

Gary Wrench

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Aug 18, 2017
I’m another that’s been watching Project Binky since near day one, amazing build , fantastic fab skills - long way from my rallycar builds in my 20’s ! Looking forward to the camper build :)