Any update on DVLA reclassification?


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Oct 17, 2019
I have been looking for threads about getting a van reclassified as a Campervan (or motor caravan as the DVLA puts it) and the last thing I can find on this forum is a conversation from August, which implies that no vans were being reclassified by The DVLA currently as the rules were being changed. Is there any more information about this available? We are just starting a conversion and it seems to me there is little point attempting to stick to the list of DVLA rules if they are going to refuse to reclassify the thing anyway.

But then what do you do about insuring it, if it's clearly no longer a commercial van, with all your graphics and windows and beds and cooking facilities etc?

The things that are confusing me most about the exterior are that the DVLA website states you must have two or more windows on at least one side of the van. We intended putting one window each side, (framed, hinged, caravan style, not bonded) so does that mean it won't pass with two windows if they're on opposite sides? If we added a porthole type window at the back, would that count as two windows on one side? We intended to add a small window at the back above the bed. There's not enough space to add much more, on a transit. We'd end up with a window in the middle of our (essential interior feature) storage...

Has anyone on here recently managed to get a van reclassified, or tried and failed to do so? We are happy to comply with DVLA rules if we can make sense of them. And if it will enable us to get appropriate insurance!