Any hot tips on adding door security?

Sep 28, 2020
I am thinking of riveting a couple of neat looking round brackets to the doors then securing them with a neat looking chain, maybe with a nice sleeve. Basically I can clip on a motorbike size chain to the doors at night which is fastened to the body somewhere. Or for example, link the passenger door to the sliding door by chain so that nobody can open them. The idea will work but has anyone any better ideas, that look neat or professional? I’ve seen both front doors secured with a long bar but I don’t fancy having to carry a big bar around. Off the shelf solutions often mean cutting and drilling and are pricey.


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May 5, 2018
I thought about this a while back and considered using wire rope to link the two doors together. Something like ;

It is much lighter than a chain and would be easier to store during the day. A carabiner on one end and a fixed wire loop on the other. Brackets: I didn't get that far but riveting something in place sounds like a good idea. I have a air riveter that would certainly come in handy to set robust rivets.

That reminds me. I previously looked at HEO door locks

but at the time, they were too expensive. Perhaps I'll have another look for them on Black Friday.


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Nov 7, 2016
The only neat solution I've seen are the Heosafe security locks, but as you say they are pricey at 125euro for the turnbuckle version or 149 with locks, but the do look factory and only one hole to drill


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May 17, 2017
My pal stopped at a motorway service area. When he got back in the van and started to move off he noticed the sliding door wasn’t shut. Checking he found his large evil old dog in the back happily playing with the sleeve of a coat he’d just appropriated....