2012 Sprinter abs,esp visit workshop message coming up.


Jun 28, 2018
Wonderered if anyone has had this problem and if so what fix did you do?

It's an intermittent problem but seems to be happening more often recently. Can be driving along fine and then all of a sudden when you break the engine revs high and jerks from high-low revs. It does this for a few seconds normally and then the abs,esp visit workshop lights come on. Actually the van runs fine then with the warning lights on but then without correcting anything the lights go out and no warning messages show and all will be fine for a while and then it'll do the same thing agiam. As it revs up and I'm braking it sounds like the abs is kicking in, sort of shuddering, I'm guessing that's because it's picked up the high revs. I'm reluctant to take it to have the diagnostics put on as unless it happens there and then there's no warning messages. I did have an abs sensor cable fail last year but with that the warning lights where on all the time. Is one of the other sensors the most likely cause? It's the revving up that confuses me. Any thoughts/experiences much appreciated. We're in southern France at the moment. Shawn


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Apr 22, 2018
Peak District, Derbyshire
The dreaded intermittent problem! Only quick cheap check I can offer is a faulty brake light switch is known to cause abs and engine rev problems. Check brake light operation several times also check fuse number 5 which controls it. Good luck Dave.