12v oven - bad idea?


Jul 24, 2021
Hi all - Currently deciding on my oven/stove for the kitchen and hoping someone could offer some opinions. I have seen that thetford have discontinued their 2 way model (lpg + 240v) which I see a lot of people use and instead now how a 12v oven/grill. Does anyone know if that's a good option at all, or has ever used a 12v grill? I wasn't even aware such a thing existed and how no idea you could get the right power via 12v. Alternatively I can just solely go LPG as I will have a bottle anyway. My thinking was that as I'll be on hookup most nights then why not use their power (240 hook up) instead of my own gas, but maybe some of you can offer some opinion of best way that works for yourselves. While I'm at it, I'm tryng to work out what the power draw would be via 12v. There's no amps published on their site, but it does say it's 1.6kw burner but I'm assuming that's the heat ouput. Would be great if someone could let me know how to work out the draw, as don't want the battery going immediately! Thanks


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Sep 16, 2019
I just fitted a full gas cooker out of a scrap caravan works for me. and doesn’t use that much gas as it burns hotter so cooks much quicker than the oven at home.