“High” Roof H2/H3 fibreglass roofs


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Apr 1, 2021
Morning everyone,
Like many, in the process of finding a base van And wanted to throw a question out there.

so I’m 6ft2 and needing a “high” Van. High is relative and the H2/H3 versions are all different Heights.

another issue is some of the H3 I’ve seen when checking the manufactures specs showed “roof load” as zero for the H3 version.

A few phone calls and it turns out the H3 versions are basically H2 then they cut the roof off and stuck on a fibre glass extension that doesn’t hold any weight.

so far MAN, sprinter, can not confirm the transit yet....

so no roof rack / solar panels etc if I get an H3, so this punts me back to an H2!

does anyone have any thoughts on securing roof gear to fibreglass H3 roofs?




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Nov 7, 2016
Might not be a useful reply, but have you looked at the Sevel vans (Ducato etc)? the H3's are a metal roof and have roof rack mounting points, but not sure what the load limit is.


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Apr 1, 2021
Thanks, I've not looked at them yet. I think all the Ducato vans are FWD and I’ve got my head set on a RWD van.
I’ve had “normal” Motorhomes in the past, a Ducato base, and it was very nice and engine was great. However I found the steering a bit “sporty” with all the weight in the rear.
so I’m planning on a rwd van, or if I get lucky might got for a 4wd Iveco or Ford.

I think the ford H3 also have a steel roof but will double check.
Ill check out the ducatos again. Thanks