1. OShea2609

    Seitz window problems help

    Hey y'all, Seitz window came today (exciting) and it's a S4 700 X 400mm. Got an issue though as the mosquito/fly screen wasn't attached to the frame when unboxing, like the blind was. I've popped it in but there's no tension in the screen at all despite rolling it up right numerous times...
  2. Hazlenut

    Thoughts on Sliding Windows?

    I'm going to be having bonded windows (prefer those to the caravan style), one in the sliding door and one opposite in the panels behind the driver's seat. Nothing for the barn doors at least until I've lived in the van for a while and got a feel for things. Was originally thinking to go solid...
  3. Calamity Jane

    Window questions

    Hi there, I have a few newbie window questions, I have looked through the other posts here in planning and design that mention windows and have learned a few things so thanks to everyone who asked those questions :) We don't want bonded windows (didn't even know what they were until this...
  4. funboy

    Converting original manufacturers' van windows to double glazed

    I am thinking of buying a Mercedes Sprinter to convert to a motorhome. Some vans have side or rear glass windows fitted in the factory; I don't like condensation dripping off them on to my bed on winter nights! Is it possible to fit a glue-on inner window to an existing glass one? If so, who...