iveco daily

  1. Ian Van Man

    Iveco Daily MWB 2005 just conversion all my own work

    I bought a 2005 MWB Iveco daily for £1400 on ebay only 80000 miles. Got 12 months mot the next day. I had a budget of £1500 to convert , with everything I.m £28 under inc Tax and insurance. It's ready to use a stealth van, we have already parked on the seafront in great Yarmouth as it just...
  2. Spooky_b329

    Battery to Battery Chargers and Smart Alternators

    Just connected my B2B to the main vehicle battery. After initially charging around 20 amps, I noticed the engine note was hunting slightly and could see the B2B was switching its output on and off before charging stopped completely. So thats confirmation I have a smart alternator then! As...
  3. Spooky_b329

    Iveco Daily 35s13 MWB Mk2

    Every is in 'The Build'!