1. B

    Looking for professional spray foam installation in South West

    I'm looking to have my van insulated with closed cell spray foam. Does anyone have any recommendations for companies doing this in the South West ideally Somerset/Bath area?
  2. Hazlenut

    Sound deadening?

    On insulation I'm now inclined to go the spray foam route thinking this might also help silence any vibrations, but before doing that I'm wondering whether to stick something over a few panels at the back to deaden the worst rattles. Any suggestions? Should it be heavier stuff, or will a few...
  3. Hazlenut

    Spray Foam?

    Morning all. Just trying to get my head around spray foam insulation, specifically the two-part, closed cell polyurethane type. Saving the Celotex questions for another post :) Haven't actually decided to go with foam yet (don't even have a van), still planning and budgeting, might be Celotex in...
  4. Chris Shaw

    Insulation plan

    Hi I've been closing in on my insulation plan, so I thought I'd air it here for comments. Floor fairly standard 25mm Celotex between glued down battens, topped with 9mm Marine ply. Should I coat the ply or will it be water proof enough? Roof 7mm self adhesive closed cell foam (with foil...