1. Vintage RV Adventures

    Ideal Fridge For Campervan Conversions

    We take a look at the fridge that we have just bought for our RV rebuild project. An ideal fridge for vanlife conversion projects turning a van into a campervan, low power consumption and easily operated through an inverter --> YouTube video here Vintage RV Adventures
  2. J

    Help me please.

    Hi guys, I am Jamie. I hope this message finds everyone safe and well during these difficult times. I am after some intitial advice on purchasing a vehicle to covert. Complete newbie to van life. I am looking for a van to convert to use on weekends regularly for camping and taking bikes...
  3. H

    Can you use solar power and a generator

    Im on a first time self build project . I plan to be off grid mostly for fairly long periods(based in Scotland) I am looking to buy a 2000w -3000w generator and possibly a solar panel for the roof at about 160w I would probably be looking at getting 2 x 12v batteries at least 190ah each . Does...
  4. A

    Campervan and a under 1 year old

    So we have a campervan (not massive VW T4 size but not a T4) but when you lay out the bed and all, there is not a lot of room left for a cot or anything for hte little man to sleep in. Has anyone else been in this situation ? Now I have plans for when he is old enough but not until then...
  5. DeBreuk

    Set to turn a Kodiaq into a 2pers campervan

    Hi, I am a new on this forum. I have been working on a set to turn my skoda kodiaq into a minicamper. As I have no pratical experience at all I just started the project and although it is kind of prototypish I really like it. Please take a look at this video for inspiration. Maybe some...
  6. Marcandsebe

    Nissan NV200

    I'm working on converting an NV200 into a campervan. I wonder if anyone else is working on one too?
  7. Marcandsebe

    I'm a new member

    I have started a conversion of a Nissan NV200. It's small but is only for weekend trips. So far I have installed a pop top, swivel passenger seat, 2 sliding door windows, run first fix electrics and insulated it. Looking to gain knowledge for electrics, gas, linings, furniture etc.