My Self-Build Transit custom conversion


We sold our Burstner travelvan a couple of years ago and went for a car caravan setup and store the caravan in the south of France.
We have tried a mixture of hotels and tenting to get to and from our caravan storage and decided we are too old for tents so decided to sell the car and get a small van that we could use and also transport my windsurf kit to the lake while using the caravan.
We ended up getting a Ford transit custom L2H2 which is not much longer than the car and I also had a large surfbox on top of the car so the height was not much different.

The Base Vehicle

So here's the van with the ply out ready for insulating.


Fitted a 100w solar panel and did have one battery but will buy a pair of 100 amp for use in the van and then use one for use when we pick up the caravan so no worries of charging a battery whilst in storage.
Fridge is a Waeco CDF 25 used as a fridge in the van and as a freezer when we are at the caravan.
Cold water only and a portable gas stove for when we do aires.
Pics to follow.


Got the van in July and were off again on 22nd August so was working on it most days.Got most of the stuff in and working for our trip so off we went.
Made a few alterations when we got back as it was 27 degrees out there.
Put in a Seitz window and a Heki rooflight.
Also some side steps and wind deflectors and a double induction hob.
Changed the cupboard doors and drawer fronts today and decided to paint them slightly differently.

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