My Self-Build Sylvie the Merc vario 814.


871117C4-F192-4173-9BDF-396F910CCD9F.jpeg ECDE29FF-2FE8-49BC-842D-678C737EDED0.jpeg A43DAED4-91DB-487A-B93D-B9B580FC3D58.jpeg 16814B72-B4CC-4C36-BC80-D751CAA0BE2A.jpeg 3E6E6DF2-EB30-422E-9220-0716A870FC06.jpeg E839EFD6-4CD5-48FD-9D87-5385C9100E47.jpeg 39F7A4B7-7D63-4516-BF98-F708D4A3884D.jpeg 1A5658AE-9278-4224-9B50-D65255F66A85.jpeg 3D6C9F5D-A606-44E4-8354-21C86E72F68B.jpeg 102428B2-6CC3-46D3-8D4B-617C3F840894.jpeg 6A8CE713-5FB8-4080-B6FE-227E65778324.jpeg IMG_5681.JPG image.jpeg image.jpeg We wanted a van that could take my wife her dog & me on an extended tour mainly in Europe, for 6 to 8 months.
I've never been a fan of plastic fantastics! You know the off the shelf coach build, but we wanted the space that they provide!
So we started looking at library buses , these were to big for us, then we looked at minibuses but I really didn't fancy dealing with all the windows. So the biggest van we could find was either the iveco or the Mercedes. We found a 2004 vario within our budget and reasonable miles..... That's Sylvie..

The Base Vehicle

Mercedes vario 814

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