My Self-Build Renault Master MWB


To allow a 3 foot width on the floor, the pull out bed settee will fold up into a 16 inch space. The kitchen on the opposite side, will also be limited to a 16 inch width.
The vehicle is already lined from its previous incarnation as a minibus. This is currently giving me a bit of a headache when planning the cable runs. I have limited access into the roof space via existing light fittings and may use the hollow panels that I fit as the build progresses.
So far I have been very lucky, that framing timber has cost me nothing as it used to be packing crates and is already planed. It strips down into smaller widths on the table saw. Likewise, I have a supply of hardwood recovered from door and window frames, that I shall strip down for finishing detail.

The Base Vehicle

Renault Master

The Build

The pull out bed legs are recycled door frames. Routed out at the back to reduce weight.
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