My Self-Build / Interior revamp


The general idea is to make the interior more up to date and 21st century by getting shot of 'ye olde' cabinets and yummy velour seating... Well, that's the plan... lets see how we get on eh !?!?

I'll post up pics as and when progress has been made.. feel free to have a look and comment / advise where you think

Thanks for looking !

Stu (And Eric the van!)


The Base Vehicle

1992 Nissan Vanette 'Wheelhome' Conversion.

Eric started out life as a a factory fresh conversion by Wheelhome as a 2 single sleeper van with Hob, grill, running water and 2 way fridge set up.

The alloys are non standard, the body work has been prepped, any tin worm addressed and resprayed by an ex Rolls Royce body shop chap prior to us buying him..

a nice 1.5 litre petrol engine producing an earth shattering 79BHP... He pulls quite nicely and is happy to sit on the wrong side of the law if required !

Not many creature comforts or driver aids ('Keep fit windows' and NO power steering...... its fun in carparks... But the turning circle is GREAT !)




I'll add some pics of the scary wiring when I upload them to Photobucket... Quite simple when you sit and work it all out logically I guess..

The Build

This stage is going to be called "Out with the old".......

So the strip out begins... Quite a time consuming job, but well worth it...

Very little by way of insulation so that is going to be the first mid sized job.. To get to this stage we've had to strip out all of the Exisiting cupboards, wall coverings and the like.

To ensure the electrics are going to work after I've spent quite a bit of time getting my head around what goes where and what wire drives which appliance.... really not as easy as it sounds.. But I think I'm about on top of it... I guess the proof of the pudding is when the big red switch is pulled to test things when we get to the other end of the 'build'IMG_20170215_164312.jpg





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