My Self-Build Dieseldog's Opel Movano


No plans just got to work with what you have. More pics to follow.

The Base Vehicle

I got a 2003 opel movano from a family member with 75k and full history with only 2 previous owners (at a bargain price) so this was what I had to work with, no choice when the price dictates.


I have fitted a Smev MO8821, this takes water from a submersible pump underneath in a 25ltr water container, waste goes into another 25ltr at the side of the fresh water, the pump is isolated by a rocker switch which is located at the side of the sink, turn this on and then the tap which is microswitched and the water flows.
Gas is a 7kg (i think) lightweight bottle which is located in a separate vented locker at the side of sink unit.
I have 2 x 110 amp batteries located underneath the bed in a box which is also vented and also in this box is the fuse box and remote lighting receivers,
I have 3 sets of lights all of which are LED, 1st set is a strip which runs underneath a pelmet the full length of the bed, 2nd are 3 square LED lights located in the pelmet, the 3rd set is another 2 square LED over the sink/hob, all lights are remote controlled and can be dimmed.
The remote which turns the lights on can also turn them on/off independent of each other and also turns a 5" fan on which is located above the sliding door (this can also vary in speed) to aid air flow.
I have a panel which contains a regular fag lighter socket, 2x usb sockets and a battery meter, located in the cover panel for the bed.

The Build


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