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  1. tacr2man

    Would you choose JP Combi heater right now or wait for Truma for 6+ months?

    @egg-fried-rice is the man with the experience of these :) or is this a marketing move ? :)
  2. tacr2man

    The Chinese Hot Air & Water Heater (Truma) has arrived.

    @egg-fried-rice Is the diesel dosing pump as noisy as on the Chinese air heaters ?
  3. tacr2man

    Does anyone (electrician) know how to wire this correctly.

    this is quite a useful channel love the 80x20 cupboards btw :) @G-A-R-Y
  4. tacr2man

    Oh no .. We did not expect this problem !

    The matrix did you a favour , as soldering the pipes in with that torch was rather like using a sledge hammer to put a tack in ! :) Surprisingly quite successful :) You would have very likely done damage to the surrounding soldered joints . Your best long term reliable solution is get a rad...
  5. tacr2man

    Air Suspension V Sumo Springs

    They are oe version of Sumo springs . They work the same as these which have been about for 40years + :)
  6. tacr2man

    CB Radio in Motorhomes & Campervans

    unless you are likely to be travelling in a group waste of time
  7. tacr2man

    Will The Salvage RV Actually Drive?

    how about this for the hole...
  8. tacr2man

    Hi and ventilation question

    Have you tried caravan breakers , there are plenty of windows of that style(caravan opening) fitted to vans ? The aim is to have enough ventilation to prevent it becoming a sauna . :)
  9. tacr2man

    Good VFM base vehicle set up

    Ideal unit for a full timing family ? Comes with your own marquee ? :)
  10. tacr2man

    Electric Van for Camper E-NV200?

    Forgot to mention if using a EHU to charge its a 21hr job , if the ehu is up to doing it :(
  11. tacr2man

    Electric Van for Camper E-NV200?

    the numbers dont look that promising for some of touring camper vehicle usage . But I dont know your usage profile intended . Payload 685kg , 124miles range .
  12. tacr2man

    Protecting external connectors

    I have used this for years with excellent results ,even insulating a 230v feed to a submersible bore pump underwater at the bottom of a well for more than 6 years It has to be stretched as applying and...
  13. tacr2man

    North Coast 500 - You couldnt pay me to go.

    Cornwall negative reactions , Wales similar , even Yorkshire dales adverse stories , which the media seem to be promoting . In the UK you only have rights over what you own/rent not who travels on public right of way , so if you are obeying all the relevant rules its their problem not yours...
  14. tacr2man

    Water heaters

    truma gas/electric 850w
  15. tacr2man

    Reversing camera & sensor newbie questions

    Some sat navs allow you to feed rear camera thru them as well :)
  16. tacr2man

    Vehicle Dimension stickers geo referencing system :)
  17. tacr2man

    Vehicle Dimension stickers

    10.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this regulation, no person shall drive or cause or permit to be driven on a road a motor vehicle with an overall travelling height exceeding 3m unless a notice is displayed in the cab, in such a manner that it can easily be read by the driver, and the notice...
  18. tacr2man

    Electrical system

    You will need a separate RCD that just supplies the mains charger circuit/socket Hope That's Some Help
  19. tacr2man

    Electrical system

    The easiest way is to take the 230v feed for the mains battery charger before the switchover unit (that switches between the inverter out and ehu ) . after the ehu input HTSH
  20. tacr2man

    Tilting solar panels

    With tilting you may be only able to tilt in one direction as depending on the mounting system you may get one shading the other which is a big No No . ?