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  1. CamperJack

    Water from tap is flowing too fast!

    I have a 12v tap like this one: and a Whale GP1002 12V Submersible Water Pump: While I love the simplicity of this the water flows much too quickly. It bounces off the sink and splashes all over the worktop. When you try to wash your hands you need to wear a waterproof mack! Is there a...
  2. CamperJack

    Is this normal?

    A few days ago I installed 2X 170W solar panels, wired in parallel. This goes to my batteries via an EPEVER Tracer 40A. I know it’s been cloudy but I hardly seem to be getting a trickle of power. The highest I have seen coming in is 2.19A briefly on Monday. Since then it’s been just above 0A...
  3. CamperJack

    Connecting solar panels together in parallel - but connectors are the same!

    Hi guys. I’m hoping to fit the solar panels tomorrow. I’ve already made the wires to connect the charge controller to the batteries via the fuse etc. Tomorrow I’ll be mounting the panels to the roof and connecting to the controller. I want to wire in parallel (so positive to positive) and...
  4. CamperJack

    Wire Size For Connecting Two Leisure Batteries Together.

    Hello all. Thank you to all for welcoming me to the site in my recent introduction thread and encouraging me to ask questions. I would be grateful if anyone can help me with wire sizes. How do I best determine the wire size to use to connect two 110AH, 12V batteries together? The system is /...
  5. CamperJack

    Fiamma Turbo Vent

    As I don't want windows in my conversion fans will be important for bring in air and extraction too. I am told the best way to do this is to have two - one set to extract and one to suck new air into the van creating movement of air through the van. For this reason I plan on installing two...
  6. CamperJack

    Hello from Cheshire. I'm currently converting a Peugeot Boxer (L3H2).

    Hi. I'm Jack and I'm currently converting a 2013 Peugeot Boxer L3H2. I'm a total novice and very much learning as I go. Not too bad at wood work. The other stuff... well... I'll get there... eventually. I hope. o_O I spend a lot of time in The Lake District, Snowdonia, Mid-Wales and The Peak...