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  1. billy192

    Brake Disks ?

    I have a Peugeot boxer 2019 20 130 blue. I enter my reg on all of the sites but get 3-4 different spec pads and Disks. range from 12Q + 14Q ,16Q Light, MOD 335 HEAVY . 300mm dia and 22mm thick to 280mm and 32mm thick. Surely there is a easier way tan taking the old ones off and getting the...
  2. billy192

    Entrance width

    Before I start working on the raised floor in the front, what gap do people leave in the sliding door area between left side of the door to the first cabinet? Thank Billy
  3. billy192

    thetford toilet door

    Hi, has any one put a Thetford C223 with shower tray in a fiat / Peugeot/Citroen van? My plan is to have it just before the wheel arch. . will i have to higher the shower tray / toilet? I don't want to cut into the plastic side trim for the hatch on the out side Thanks Billy
  4. billy192

    Captain chairs

    Hi, I have a Peugeot boxer 2017 and I have bought 2 seats for the front to swap out the drivers and 2 seat passengers. I notice there is a seat belt warning light. the new seats will not have these plugs. how have people manged to get around this? Billy
  5. billy192

    gloucester Newbie

    Hi My name is Billy, I am just about to buy a van to convert. I last did one back in 1990 pre internet LOL. it was a merc 508 a big old thing but great fun. i was into Moto X at the time. anyway over the next x months I would like to find out what van will be best for me 3-4 berth but the said...