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  1. VanNV

    living on the road full time

    I can't help you I'm afraid, but there will be someone along who can - I was posting to say that it might be worth also looking on some of the boat forums like where a lot of issues that you may encounter will be covered. (except punctures. they won't...
  2. VanNV

    power decision ????

    No problem with using 240V stuff via an inverter - you just need to design your system to cope. Obviously you can run things directly from a shoreline/hook-up, but when you're away from a 240V supply, you will have to use an inverter which has its own power implication. Not onerous; maybe add...
  3. VanNV

    Hello, from Florry The Lorry!

    Ha! Why am I not surprised... I had a day like that in my old Hymer - driving down a lane in Devon with the wing mirrors touching either side and a bloody great tractor came the other way pulling a huge trailer. I'm sure he could see us coming from his farm-house and leapt into the tractor for...
  4. VanNV

    Roof insulation.

    Hi @Shiny Paul - I am not aware of any major advances in insulation technology... insulation is all a best endeavour thing anyway - you could have the best insulated roof in the world, but heat will still pass out through the vents... FWIW though, I spent a few days over Christmas in my van -...
  5. VanNV

    Hello, from Florry The Lorry!

    Hi @florrythelorry, and welcome from me. Quite an impressive looking piece of kit! Out of curiousity, do you have any trouble finding places to park?
  6. VanNV

    power decision ????

    Hi @timinhastings - as @tacr2man says, you really need to do a power audit before designing your system. I had never heard of Bohmer and a quick search reveals lots of re-sellers but no company website - the name says German, the price says otherwise. They look like a very useful piece of kit...
  7. VanNV

    The Big Lorry to Camper Conversion Thread on Motorhomefun

    I called someone (who was being an infuriating prick) an infuriating prick (actually it was much more subtle than that but I think it still broke "rule 1")
  8. VanNV

    The Big Lorry to Camper Conversion Thread on Motorhomefun

    does look like an interesting problem - what a shame I got a life time ban from that site...
  9. VanNV

    Vauxhall Movano

    Biggest pains in the tits with the Movano/Master/NV400 are the length - just over the "magic" 6m for ferries, the width -not quite wide enough for a 6' fixed bed across the frame, and the turning circle - which is simply embarrassing. Whether those things are "significantly" better on the...
  10. VanNV

    X250 swivelling seats x 3

    Well... it all looks very cosy and all, but both the bottle and the glasses are empty. I hope there's another bottle somewhere.
  11. VanNV

    Renault Master minibus - interior fixing

    Hi @david - mine is an NV400 which is really a Master (even the instructions in the engine bay are in French...) I created my layout for space - philosophy being that I will spend most of my time in the van enjoying the space, and only a couple of minutes a day regretting the lack of a...
  12. VanNV

    O heck what have I let myself get caught up in!

    Hi @Littleoldman. I might have some money coming my way - enough to actually buy a van that some "professionals" have built. It's a family thing. My family think I'm odd because I am not bothered about the money - if I had had it I wouldn't have built my van, and therefore I wouldn't have MY...
  13. VanNV

    O heck what have I let myself get caught up in!

    Your link works. And I can see that you have done a **** (shed?) load of work!!
  14. VanNV

    Which van to use... as a van?

    Thanks @tacr2man - presumably the ivecos are rear wheel drive which would make a lot of sense for towing. Harvest is only once a year, but my latest conversion project has been a horsebox bar which I currently tow with my little Landie but it would make a lot of sense to take just one vehicle.
  15. VanNV

    Which van to use... as a van?

    I know this might be kinda controversial on here, but a friend of mine wants to buy a van to use as a van... He runs a small vineyard, so it will need to tow a few tonnes of grapes at harvest, be able to take a couple of pallets of wine inside, and be a good little daily driver for around £5k...
  16. VanNV

    gloucester Newbie

    Hi @billy192 - the forum is quite quiet at the moment, but hopefully will pick up soon anyway a big welcome from me, and looking forward to hearing how you do with your build!
  17. VanNV

    Lost enthusiasm

    Fexcellent piece of kit! ( Takes DC input from the cranking battery or a solar panel. Works a bit like the old "split charge relay" but does a better job (multi-stage charging) and works with modern vans (mine is 2013) that utilise "smart"...
  18. VanNV

    Lost enthusiasm

    It has. It's a shame, it had gathered a bit of momentum - regular posters, banter, a sense of community - but the owner had some kind of argument with regular posters and decided to shut it down. It rose like a phoenix from the ashes a few months later - and we're all grateful for that - but...
  19. VanNV

    Battery's and inverters! Fun fun...

    Hi @OShea2609 , I have used Leoch batteries before with no problems (might even be what I have in the van now, can't remember...) My personal preference was to combine two rather than having one big one for the reasons you cite plus the fact it is so much easier to handle! A single 220AH is one...
  20. VanNV

    Inverter sizing!

    Sounds like a good set-up - Victron is a very well-respected brand. Just out of interest, you can get DC - DC power supplies for laptops; I have one for my 19V Dell which plugs straight into the 12V on the boat/van and is more efficient. Otherwise you are taking 12V DC from the battery...