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  1. andydextrous

    Charging a leisure battery from vehicle

    I've been using my van for a year now and made a few changes as I've gone along. I go off grid several times a year and use a 100W solar panel, but on cloudy days this doesn't keep up with the power used by the cool box. I have considered buying a generator, but it occurs to me that the vehicle...
  2. andydextrous

    Vehicle tax class

    I've had my van approved by the DVLA as a Motor Caravan and now I need to tax it. It currently has a tax class of NHS vehicle and needs to be changed at the Post Office (according to the DVLA and the V5 form). What tax class is a self build Motor Caravan and how much should I expect to pay...
  3. andydextrous

    Has anyone used a camping cooker?

    Thanks for the interesting comments, I might abandon the idea of using the camping stove. Incidently the orange hose has a date of June 2015 on it, so I presume this must be the manufacturing date, as I didn't buy it until April 2016 from Go Outdoors.
  4. andydextrous

    Insulating a lined roof on a minibus

    I have managed to insulate the cavities, through holes about 3" square. After cutting a hole in the side of the van for the hook up socket, I could see the sides weren't insulated. I was able to tear up loft insulation made from recyled poly, into strips about 18" long and 6" wide. I could then...
  5. andydextrous

    Has anyone used a camping cooker?

    Has anyone used a camping cooker in a van conversion, instead of buying a Smev type thing? I ask, because I have a twin burner cooker that is nearly new, that also has a grill underneath (which seems to be something missing on conversion units). Also the gas installation would be...
  6. andydextrous

    Window Tint

    Thanks Geoff, that's enough to convince me to order some film. I guess I can always peel it off if I don't like it. Cheers, Andy
  7. andydextrous

    Window Tint

    Does the 5% make it really dark inside the van? Can you still read a book during the daytime? I need to order tint before I go much further.
  8. andydextrous

    Cable Types & Sizes, Termination

    Useful advice. 2.5mm cable it is then. Thank you.
  9. andydextrous

    Cable Types & Sizes, Termination

    If I'm installing 13A sockets for when I am on hook-up, should I be using 2.5mm cable? I'm thinking of a kettle, toaster or TV. Recalling my caravaning days, I don't think the hook-up lead was even 2.5mm (nor are a lot of the cheaper ones you buy today), but you couldn't run the kettle with...
  10. andydextrous

    Leisure battery charging

    Before I do anything else, I have to sort out the electrics. I have built a battery box and wired up an intelligent split charger (M-power) from the main vehicle battery. Next I intend to connect a 240v charger powered from the hook up circuit. At a future date I may then fit solar panels. My...
  11. Tmp_20572-20161221_143948-717654800


    Bed legs are recycled door frames, hollowed out at the rear to a U section to save weight.
  12. Tmp_20572-20161213_1025101219831593


    This bed will fold back into a 16 inch footprint.
  13. Tmp_20572-20161213_1025451631974058


    Toilet cupboard and wardrobe. Still not certain how wide to make the door.
  14. Tmp_20572-2016-12-31 17.52.31-2098027136

    Tmp_20572-2016-12-31 17.52.31-2098027136

    Base vehicle
  15. andydextrous

    How do I delete this?

    andydextrous submitted a new Showcase Item: Renault Master MWB Read more about this showcase item here...
  16. Renault Master MWB

    My Self-Build Renault Master MWB

    To allow a 3 foot width on the floor, the pull out bed settee will fold up into a 16 inch space. The kitchen on the opposite side, will also be limited to a 16 inch width. The vehicle is already lined from its previous incarnation as a minibus. This is currently giving me a bit of a headache...
  17. andydextrous

    Renault Master MWB

    andydextrous submitted a new Showcase Item: Renault Master MWB Read more about this showcase item here...
  18. andydextrous

    Window Tint

    I'm going to tint the windows on my minibus conversion. I had great success with putting frosting on a house window, so I'm confident I can tackle this. Looking on the Internet, the tints are graded by percentage. What is a good choice for a campervan that will not make it too dark inside on a...
  19. andydextrous

    Insulating a lined roof on a minibus

    Thanks Chris, that's a great set of photos. I can see I'll be coming back to you with further questions, such as "how have you finished your plywood"? Is it hand painted? I'm considering Formica, but wonder if it might be too much bother.
  20. andydextrous

    Insulating a lined roof on a minibus

    Hi Chris, I'm Weymouth, but I wouldn't mind seeing a few photos please. Mines a MWB. Did you do anything regarding insulation? Cheers, Andy