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    Hi all, my son is about to buy a motorhome but all his insurance quotes are in the £900 range. Somewhere I read that there's an insurance broker based in Swansea that is very competitive does anyone have an details on this gentleman? Thanks guys, got to get back to the van build.
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    CBE light switch

    I have purchased 2 CBE light switches. I want to switch them from 2 locations. One at the sliding door so we can switch lights on as we enter and off as we leave. I also want to wire it so we can switch lights off or on from the bed. It’s a hell of a walk from the bed to the door, can’t see me...
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    Internet in the van

    I’m about to fit the ceiling for the van. I have been delaying the decision of choosing an aerial for the internet mifi unit I bought from EE. When I finish the van!!!!!!, I will get the unlimited package from them. But what sort of aerial, receiver to use with it? I have seen and read so much I...
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    Seat with seat belts

    I am looking for some help and advice I need a single seat to fit behind the cab seats with the back of the seat to the shower wall. It has to be a travel seat with belts, doesn’t need to be converted to a bed. Has anyone built one or knows where I can get advice about the seat belts? I saw a...
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    Luton vans.

    Why don't we build more campervans in Luton box vans? Having been wrestling with the walls of my Boxer, I thought it would be a lot easier with straight walls. Hence the reason for the question?
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    Truma boiler altro flooring.

    Hi, I have bought a Truma 6E boiler. It says not to have any combustible flooring under the boiler. The YouTube videos I have been following have either Altro flooring or some other type of decorative flooring under the boiler. It is going to be easier for me to fit the Truma unit over the...
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    Thinking of buying a Eberspacher D4E Hydronic system.

    I saw this system at the Motorhome and Caravan Show. It looks good it was pretty expensive in the show £2100 but I’ve seen it since at under £1500. This makes it competitive to the Truma system. For me the advantages of Eberspacher is that most of it is under the van. The main criticism of this...
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    Fitting a reverse camera on a 2017 Peugeot Boxer

    Hi all, anyone know what colour the reversing light wire is on the 2017 Boxer? I was expecting each lamp to have it's own pair of wires, but this is all in one connector.
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    Peugeot Boxer Handbook

    Hi all, I bet all you people out there who have answered all my questions on Movano, Master and Sprinters will be delighted to know that I won't be asking anymore questions about those vans. I have bought a 2017 Peugeot Boxer with 81000 on the clock. My starter question as they say on University...
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    Buying a caravan to use the parts

    I have the opportunity to buy a caravan that has been crash damaged and written off as being unfit to be used as a caravan again. It’s a 2017 van and isn’t cheap at £4000. But the list of parts is endless, including Truma heater, cooker, fridge and windows. And lots more. Anyone gone down this...
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    Renault Master with H3 Roof

    Hi I have finally decided on a van it's a 64 plate L3 H3 and in good condition. I have one concern I hope you can help with. The roof is not metal but some form of plastic/fiber material. Can I cut into that to add roof fans? I also want to put solar panels on the roof? Can this be done with...
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    Accident damaged vans.

    Any insurance problems in buying an accident damaged van for conversion? I’m friendly with a guy who buys damaged vehicles and sorts them out. I have known him for 30 years and in that time he has done dozens if not up to a 100 different cars and vans. These are light damage only and as a body...
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    Vauxhall Movano

    Hi all, do people convert Movano vans into motor homes? There’s one in a local garage and it’s the right price and in good condition. Any reason why I shouldn’t consider it? I believe they are galvanised. Cheers
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    Insurance costs

    Thinking of buying a Merc Sprinter spotted one online 2012 SWB 100,000 miles. Contacted an insurance company for a quote while I'm converting it and it came back £980 which to me sounds excessive especially since I wouldn't be using it but for a few trips to get materials. Is there a good...
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    O heck what have I let myself get caught up in!

    Hi all, I have the roaming bug. I have had it since a child, up until 2016 I did it on a motorcycle trike then for various reasons had to give that up. Been on the trike to many southern European countries and loved it. At 68 (69 in July) I need something a bit more comfortable and dry to do my...