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  1. OShea2609

    What gas bottles for Europe??

    Hey all, What propane gas bottle brand/ system is best for travelling around the UK and Europe for easy and cost? I've got limited space so cannot carry multiple bottles of different brands, is there one which is swappable in different countries or is it best to go for a refillable system? Cheers!
  2. OShea2609

    Battery's and inverters! Fun fun...

    Morning all. For my batteries I'm going with a Leoch Xtreme, seem the best value for my budget! But I'm unsure whether to go for 2x 110ah or the single 220, im thinking having the two smaller units would be easier and cheaper if I need to replace one, and it works out slightly cheaper this way...
  3. OShea2609

    Inverter sizing!

    Morning all, I'm going to be running most of my electrical appliances off a 12v system connected to my solar, however need an inverter to power a couple items, charging power tools occasionally but mainly my misses' 300W blender for 5 mins in the morning. What's the minimum size inverter you...
  4. OShea2609


    Afternoon, I'm starting to buy the components for my off-grid power supply. Wondering if anyone can recommend good leisure batteries? Looking to get around 2x 110Ah Batteries based on my needs and budget, however would like slightly more if I can find a good deal. The best rated online are very...
  5. OShea2609

    Loose sliding door?

    Evening all, The sliding door of my Ducato isn't flush to the van and has a few gaps of a couple of cm's in various places, allowing rainwater in... Which is not ideal. Mainly the top rear corner and and most of the bottom of the door is loose. I'm aware it's most likely just a case of adjusting...
  6. OShea2609

    Seitz window problems help

    Hey y'all, Seitz window came today (exciting) and it's a S4 700 X 400mm. Got an issue though as the mosquito/fly screen wasn't attached to the frame when unboxing, like the blind was. I've popped it in but there's no tension in the screen at all despite rolling it up right numerous times...
  7. OShea2609

    Spray foam insulation Wales/ SW?

    Can anyone recommend a spray foam insulation company near Wales or SW England? I've found a few fairly nearby online but haven't found any reviews. Cheers!
  8. OShea2609

    Shwmae from Wales

    Hey all, My name's Jack I'm a 24 surf instructor from Pembrokeshire, Wales! I've recently invested in my first home with my girlfriend Soph, which has wheels and is a 2012 LWB Fiat Ducato mid top! We plan to spend the summer working on the beach in Pembrokeshire then head off on the road to...