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  1. Darcar

    Sun Deck / Roof Deck - How

    Until I saw the pictures of your gutters/roof, I was going to suggest that you could have riveted some large-ish steel plates to your roof with bolts welded to the plate, to bolt the deck onto. But I think it’s time you really did some proper repair work on it! Good luck.
  2. Darcar


    I used a comparison company called MUSTARD INSURANCE it allows you to search several different companies at the same time, and you can put in self build options.
  3. Darcar

    Underslung spare wheel security

    On our Mercedes Vario the crane system only works after you have removed a couple of pins! On of which I’v swapped for a padlock.
  4. Darcar


    Yeah couldn’t agree more, really very nice job you have done there..
  5. Darcar

    Shwmae from Wales

    Hi and welcome.. is your medium high top tall enough to stand up in? Have fun with your build...
  6. Darcar

    Red Water Pipe Rating

  7. Darcar

    Red Water Pipe Rating

    We used standard household John guest plumbing throughout our build, it’s much cheaper and more reliable than the red and blue pipes. The push fit plastic fittings give a positive fit, and very easy to use. I know this doesn’t answer your question but it may help if you have not decided yet...
  8. Darcar

    New member

    Hi and welcome to the fourm. The 811 are great trucks we had a 709 a few years ago, What are your plans for the conversion? Are you keeping all the windows ? Good luck with your build and have fun with it. Darcar
  9. Darcar

    Old member new name!

    Great to see you on here.
  10. Darcar

    The interior plan...

    Humm not my taste... but that’s the best thing about self building you can have anything you want..... nothings wrong or right....
  11. Darcar

    Ford Transit Custom Ltd 2017

    Hi and welcome. I guess by your you may be building a ford van! If so please check for rust before you invest too much into it. Although the trannys are great machines they like the Mercedes rust. It can be very time and money consuming. Good luck with your build and have fun with it. Darcar
  12. Darcar


    We’ve got a wind out type. Wouldn’t be without it, it’s very useful for shading the dog, and us. We use it nearly every time we pitch on a site. I’v never used a blowup one although they do look ok. Darcar.
  13. Darcar

    Anyone going to the Adventure Overland Show?

    I can’t really recommend it as we’ve never been.. but we’ve been invited to show our van on the Mercedes T1&2 Vario displays. We’re there all weekend so if your coming pop in for a chat.. Darcar,.... Darren.
  14. Darcar

    Do you like harbours?

    Yeah...... although I’v a very bad habit of light house hunting. I think I should have been a light house keeper ...... ⛴ Darren
  15. Darcar

    To polish or not to polish

    I’v had the bonnet rapped before to get rid off the sign writing! Also stuck graphics on the side of try to cover up, as no amount of polish or even Tcut removes it permanently. Darcar.
  16. Darcar

    First road trip in the vandventure bus to Skye

    That’s not what I wanted to hear! So looks like the spring is maybe better?
  17. Darcar

    CTEK 250 + smartpass or Sergent (with 250?)

    I don’t know what van you have. We were going to use the Ctek d250 with the smart pass. It does seem to answer all the questions, but our van is 24v so it couldn’t cope with charging the engine batteries. I’d have definitely gone with it if I could have, very simple to install, and it’s fit and...
  18. Darcar

    First road trip in the vandventure bus to Skye

    Thanks, it’s probably going to be next year now, Darcar
  19. Darcar

    First road trip in the vandventure bus to Skye

    Yeah..... it’s on our list, looks great and good photos to. Just out of curiosity, how bad are the midgies ? I’v heard that they aren’t as bad early in the year? Darcar.
  20. Darcar

    Incineration toilet!

    This is an interesting concept! Maybe in my next van! Darcar.