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  1. Livotlout

    Gas it

    To be fair to the emergency services, off on every new van I'm building has Gasit electric valve.
  2. Livotlout


    Same here, 25mm Celotex to floor and 50mm to walls, all four sliding privacy windows now in.
  3. Livotlout

    30 years planning?

    Good luck with this are ahead of me, mine is only my second build. ps : those electrics look a nightmare! Alec.
  4. Livotlout


    Thanks Stevie, yes planning on twin longitudinal set up with mattress approx, 800mm from ceiling (50mm insulation) hence high level windows. Alec.
  5. Livotlout


    More pics....
  6. Livotlout


    Rear door insulation and latch handle moved......
  7. Livotlout


    Well I've had the van for a couple of weeks, must start posting what I'm up to :- First of four privacy windows to go in, there will be another 'slider' behind driver, and two high level sliders (one either side) at rear for viewing from high level bed. Alec.
  8. Livotlout

    Factory order Boxer.. which options ?

    Relay finally arrived on 9th. May, only five and a half months after ordering!!!!!! Lots of lies and deception from customer service over delays. It arrived at Bristol docks on 15th. April and took three weeks to deliver to my dealer! Came in with Golden White Metallic and all extras as ordered...
  9. Livotlout

    Reputable Remanufactured Engine Supplier?

    Thanks David.
  10. Livotlout

    Reputable Remanufactured Engine Supplier?

    Do like the power 5way fuse holder you have a supplier ? ps: Best of luck with your Engine Woes. Alec.
  11. Livotlout


    My two Trojan 6volt T105's are now five and a half years old, specific gravity checks are always spot on. This I put down to following their charging regime and their maintenance schedules. Alec.
  12. Livotlout

    jackson leisure

    Lucky, ordered Midi Heki last friday, delivered by Fed-Ex today!!!
  13. Livotlout

    Metallic Paint No Longer Available on L3/L4 Ducato/Boxer/Relay?

    Wonder what colour my L4 will be? Citroen dealer didn't mention this when I chased delivery last Monday!
  14. Livotlout

    Factory order Boxer.. which options ?

    The Citroen Dealer tells me that the chassis is built, and may expect delivery at end of month......could have/should have stayed in Spain a bit longer.!
  15. Livotlout


    Very well done.
  16. Livotlout

    Jerry-cans for water storage

    I have used 30ltr fermenting (beer) barrels from Wilco, the lids are 5 inch diameter, and will easily take 3 connections.
  17. Livotlout

    Underslung battery enclosure

    C.A.K. Tanks used to list a Thru Floor Battery Box code: RBATTFB.....Alec.
  18. Livotlout

    Evomatic Door Catch

    Thanks Andy, just what I wanted to hear. Will probably go with satin chrome too....Alec.
  19. Livotlout

    Evomatic Door Catch

    Are they any good? How is the Finnish lasting? Are they a single action?.… .. Alec.
  20. Livotlout

    Track saws

    Good call, I follow Peter Millard's work......can't wait to get started with my Triton.