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    My self build website

    Well I will be off too then @Jim if that's how you feel. I was only trying to help as there appears to be no moderation . The guy was only posting links in the (mistaken) belief that back links will push his site up the ranking. Most of us know why it's quiet, but I wish you the very best at...
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    My self build website

    Don't get me wrong @fisjon - I hope you stick around, this forum used to be buzzing, but - for one reason and another - it has been much quieter of late. New blood is very welcome. I haven't looked at your website, but congratulations, and congratulations on building your van, but this is a...
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    Hi everyone

    Hi @Carpycaddycamper, and welcome from me. There is a saying in the boating community that the amount of fun you have in a boat is inversely proportional to its size, so - yeah - if you have a great big winnebago it will have king size beds, a spare bedroom, and a jacuzzi, but I think you will...
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    OFFS - another one? Please check out this constructive advice about being desperate and pathetic
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    Leisure battereys

    Hi @Pete 8434 - there are a few considerations for connecting the house batteries and the cranking battery; on older vans you can use a simple split charge relay which takes the output from the alternator and charges the leisure batteries. Newer vans have "smart" alternators which stop...
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    Hello Campers!

    Hi @fisjon - interesting post here
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    My self build website

    Hi @fisjon - and welcome to the forum. This is generally a place where people - some with a hell of a lot of experience - come to share tips and stories, not simply to promote their own website. I hope that I am reading it wrong, but your first post seems a) rather desperate b) rather rude
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    Luckily this is a really simple question with a straightforward answer... (sarcasm, by the way). It's a subject that is as broad as it is long. I think spray-foam is probably (almost certainly) the "best" solution, but it heads towards expensive AND is only as good as the elements you cover -...
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    Sites 2020 and the virus...

    I have a mobile bar which I take to a few events - food fairs, craft shows etc. - everything cancelled for April and May so far )c:
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    dvla read up

    Mine too. I hope DVLA use the same book (c:
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    Fridge/Freezer Suitable For Van

    Mate does this on his boat - much better for efficiency - front loaders spill the cold air out every time you open them. You can utilise space very well too, but be aware of where the heat is going. You don't want to end up keeping a fridge in a hot cupboard (c:
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    Fridge/Freezer Suitable For Van

    whole books could be written on this subject! for extended periods off-grid you would be best off looking at "three way" fridges - 240v/12v/gas - it's the gas option that keeps them going but they need a proper flue and can be temperamental. a "cheap" option can be to run a normal domestic...
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    dvla read up

    Interesting Depressing, but interesting. Thank you for sharing.
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    water heaters

    Afternoon all - I wasn't sure which sub-forum, however... I was wondering whether anyone has used a Webasto ThermoTop or similar in their vans for hot water and heating? I have one of the "cheap Chinese" blown air heaters in the garage which I have not fitted. I am reconfiguring the van this...
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    Jerry-cans for water storage

    Just thought I should update this thread with a picture of the bar... The horsebox bit is independent but we add the middle section (pallet-bar) when the weather is nice, and mate sells his wine by the bottle from the gazebo. Had a lot of fun last year, will do a few events this year but not so...