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    First-timers !

    Your plg ex ambulance can be driven as you say , it wont be classed as a motorcaravan until it can comply with the interior fit out as a DVLA specified Mo Caravan . It is now irrelevant from what is recorded on the V5 as body type . You now self declare for MOT purposes , and for your ins co...
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    Can not decide

    S/hand caravan doors available :)
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    Newbie van converter

    Agree ground clearance is a real plus in Australia , lived in WA for 15 years myself . One plus point with iveco is ground clearance and rugged chassis build . JMHO
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    Can not decide

    pcv will most likely have mega miles massive glass area so more difficult to insulate and inside fixing limitations , fridge van better JMHO .
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    generators and the word silent are relative terms Gas would be a good water heater method , but to get 2x2 kw drying is only doable at reasonable cost with a gennie . so for ease of use you might as well heat water with gennie as well .
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    Newbie van converter

    To a degree its how you intend to use the vehicle , tarmac cruising then fwd sevel etc perfectly adequate . More adventurous then rwd and iveco have plus points .
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    Why bother with Decals!

    I go with build what you want trying to jump thru DVLA hoops is almost a pointless pursuit from lots of reports back .
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    Black Water Tank Venting

    Why marine toilet , cant you locate black tank below the toilet , most RVs are direct or near enough entry . Then you need to be able to position your grey tank to feed into the black dump pipe to flush it when dumping .
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    Black Water Tank Venting

    The vent pipe shouldnt clog as its from top of tank , if contents get that high you have other probs . IIRC the vent pipe on my US RV was 1.5 inch and went upto above roof with T type extracta type top on it heres a few
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    What Order?

    Plan where biggest things first , don't build over wiring and plumbing , ensure you have access to anything that can leak or may need service. Its like mental 3D chess :)
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    Mercedes 814

    Those metal frames are notorious for rusting thru from inside , and a real PITA to replace as needing to weld requires stripping all body away from work area !
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    V5 Change to Motor Caravan

    Tax class is PLG if below 3500kg mam and PHGV if above Motor caravan is a body type only sofa in back is not travel seat so doesn't require seat number change
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    Mercedes 814

    Go on ebay and put in box body or truck body in commercial vehicle parts section :) plenty from £250
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    Mercedes 814

    It will not be a horsebox , if you change it , it is difficult to say what they will list it as , because with light vehicles they put van with windows. This is not available as a hgv descriptor AFAIK. It will be PHGV for tax (£165) , and if it is being used as a motorcaravan , and...
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    Minibus seats

    The seat mountings will only be checked during mot , as you wont be changing vehicle sufficiently for a IVA requirement , also no req for type approval . But for safety you need to use high tensile bolts 8.8 or above . , and size to just fit thru seat mounting leg bolt holes as a guide for...